Are you drinking enough water?

Are you drinking enough water? 1
I think most of us are aware that we’re supposed to drink plenty of water to remain healthy. General guidelines suggest 8 glasses a day (8 ounces each) for ordinary activity; more if you’re exercising. My problem: I forget.

When I was pregnant with twins, my requirements were even higher, so I created a method for managing it. Each morning, I’d stack sixteen plastic cups on the left side of the sink. When I drank a glass, I’d move the cup to the right side of the sink. It was an easy, visible reminder of my daily water intake.

Pregnancy is like that, though. It’s very hard to forget that you’re growing a baby (or two). In my life now, with three young sons, I feel lucky to remember what day it is. Keeping track of the amount of water I drink is just the tip of the iceberg, if you’ll pardon the pun–deciding what kind of water to imbibe adds to my confusion. There’s bottled, mineral or Artesian. There’s flavored, or water with vitamins. Distilled, or spring. And let’s not forget plain ol’ tap!

Children have the same requirements for hydration as adults; active kids can lose two or more quarts of water daily.

Drinking water can help improve your metabolism, aid digestion, clear up your complexion, fight a fever. Some experts even feel re-hydrating can help cure headaches, depression, asthma and arthritis. So whatever you choose, however you manage it, it’s an affordable health tip we all should consider. (And if you’re not sure about your water requirements, there’s even a hydration calculator to help you determine your needs.)

So I ask, are you drinking enough water, and if yes, how do you do it?

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