Vacation Rentals in Western Canada

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If you’re one of those people who thinks that Canada doesn’t get the respect it deserves, or if you’re simply in the mood to take a vacation that will combine natural wonders with cosmopolitan intrigue, you’ve likely thought about visiting the province of British Columbia at one time or another. Whether you settle down in one of the bustling cities or keep things low-key out in the wilderness, you’d be wise to check out the vacation rental offerings in these areas to set yourself up for holiday success.

Vacation rentals in Canada come in all shapes and sizes. Thus, no matter what the composition of your traveling group, how long you plan to stay, and where exactly you’d like to settle down, there’s a perfect place for you. This is an incredibly diverse area of the country, ranging from snowy peaks rugged coastline, so it makes sense that it’s overflowing with variety in terms of lodging options.

Let’s assume you want to experience a little bit of everything. A Vancouver vacation rental would serve you well, as this city of two million people is urban and sophisticated yet aware of the utterly gorgeous backdrop that surrounds it. You can get lost in the city’s energy by attending art galleries, live theatre, and any number of world-class restaurants, but mix it up a little bit by canoeing along the coast, biking around English Bay, or hiking the Coast Mountains. The ever-present balance of city and scenery, man-made and natural, will boggle your mind in the best of ways.

Your humble abode within the city limits will highlight the best aspects of this well-balanced trip. Picture a downtown condo overlooking Coal Harbor. You can see the mountains and skyline from the balcony, and the two-bedroom two bath setup is perfect for a medium-sized traveling crowd. Beautifully furnished and blessed with floor-to-ceiling windows, this is a roomy, comfortable, homey space. Add the fact that there’s an easy-to-navigate and fully-equipped kitchen on hand and a washer and dryer, and you’ll wish you could make this your regular getaway spot for when life’s grueling pace starts to drive you mad.

If you’d prefer a little more isolation without being cut off from the charms of British Columbia, then pick a place near Whistler. This resort area is known for top-quality skiing conditions but is a great find during the summer. So depending on the time of your visit, you could be zipping through the white powdery snow or zooming through the white rushing rapids; either way, you’ll be pleased with all there is to do here. You could quickly end up in a log cabin nestled into a grove of cedars, which will make their sensational scent known to you as you soak in the outdoor hot tub or take advantage of the outdoor barbeque grill.

This is the chance to satisfy your hidden vacation desires; choose a property with a fireplace if you long to see the world bathed in a rosy glow, ensure that your home away from home has a bed as big as your current bedroom, and go for a cottage with enough closet space to accommodate your entire wardrobe. Situate within walking distance of a quaint little town if you plan to shop and dine your way to contentment or find the quietest and most hidden bungalow possible to avoid all human contact for a few precious days.

As you can see, choices abound. If narrowing it all down overwhelms you, go about it differently. View the properties online and snatch up the one that most speaks to you; in other words, go with your gut. Start researching your Canada visit today for the best array of options and the biggest bargains. Check out the British Columbia Vacation Rentals online, and keep yourself attuned to the wishes of your heart that have so far gone unsatisfied.

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