What is Turner?s Syndrome?

What is Turner?s Syndrome? 1

Q: What is Turner’s syndrome and what is a good treatment or cure for it?

A: Turner’s syndrome (XO) is a genetic disease that occurs only in women. Females are normally born with two X chromosomes (XX). In Turner’s syndrome, one of those X chromosomes is absent or damaged. The cause of the syndrome is unknown.

The extent of the chromosomal abnormality determines how Turner?s will manifest itself, so it affects each patient differently. The physical characteristics of the disease may include short stature, (usually no taller than about 4 feet 7 inches) and infertility, because the affected chromosomes are sex related and the reproductive organs don?t develop fully.Turners syndrome

Among the numerous other possible signs of Turner?s syndrome are webbing of the neck, low hairline in the back, short fourth fingers and deformities in the jaw, palate, ears, nails and skin. Turner?s syndrome has no mental or intellectual effects, although it may sometimes cause learning difficulties, such as with mathematics and spatial problems. Complications of Turner?s may include kidney problems, diabetes, heart disease, thyroid disease and other hormonal problems, cataracts and digestive diseases.

There is no cure for Turner?s syndrome. Growth hormones may increase height somewhat and estrogen replacement therapy may promote development of secondary sexual features. Some women are able to bear children using assisted reproductive technologies.


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