Tips To Relocate To a New Home

Tips To Relocate To a New Home 1

Those of you, who have been through the ordeal of shifting to a new place, it must have been a backbreaking experience for sure. However, this guide will help you to create a stress-free plan to shift from your current place to the new home.

Whether you are shifting across the street or to a new town or a new country, moving all the belongings that you have ever owned safely and securely is an arduous task. But it is a situation that every one of us faces inevitably at some point in time in our lives and there is no escaping it. Therefore, this guide will help you to get acquainted and better prepared to perform the task.

Prepare a list

Before you start packing the items into cartons, create a simple list of everything that you are going to shift. Either you can write it down or create a computer-printed list. Alternatively, you can create computer-printed lists of numbers, customized as per your choice having space to write the contents. Give every box you pack a number and include that in the list.

Buy plenty of packing material

Never underestimate your packing material needs.  With every object being wrapped and then being packed in the boxes, you will require more packing material than you think. Moreover, if you buy the boxes from a moving company, you always have the option to return the leftovers for a refund. Other essential packing material includes plastic packing tapes, packing paper, bubble wraps and cushions in some cases. Make sure the plastic packing tapes are of good quality as sometimes the adhesive quality of these tapes is not up to the mark causing objects to spill outside the carton on a long journey.


Instead of getting a moving company to handle the entire packing and moving experience it is advisable to do the packing part yourself. It will also be an economical option as you will be saving on a lot of money this way. Another benefit is that you will know which cartons have which household items, unpacking would be more comfortable and you can unpack at your own pace as and when required.  To find packing material for cheap, you can hit up a place like a retail furniture shop. An average retailer will also be able to provide with used boxes, but the range of box measurements at the furniture store would suffice for most of your needs.

Packing tips

Shifting from a rental flat in Pune to a newly bought flat in Mumbai? Before you start packing, you have to think about what you cannot pack as yet and will need daily. Set aside these essential clothes and toiletries which you will require for day to day use. A suitcase or vacation bag will be enough to pack them up later on. This way you will have all your daily necessities at one place and wouldn’t risk packing them accidentally.


 It is no fun unpacking unmarked boxes. Instead, use many of the possible ways to keep track of your stuff. Use smart labels to mark the boxes. Put the name on that side of the box that wouldn’t be facing downwards or else the label could get obliterated on the way.

Getting help

Moving to a new place is an enormous task, and you shouldn’t try to act too heroic and do this on your own. Of course, it is not impossible, but you will end up with lots of tiring muscles and sore back. To avoid this miserable experience, involve your friend and relatives in the process. Not only it is faster and more comfortable, but it also makes moving a surprisingly fun experience. But of course, there are not too many free cakes in this world, and if you have to win over the help of your friends, you will have to lure them with free food or a treat or something similar.

Moving In

Unpacking is undoubtedly more comfortable than packing, provided you did it the right way. You will have to assemble your furniture. Smaller furnishing items like sofa and others can make it one piece from one place to another; however, larger furnishing items would require you to disassemble the furniture for maximum efficiency and less damage. Instead of reassembling the stuff on your own, it is advised to get the help of a professional. Another task would be to clean and dust the furniture which might have caught a lot of dirt on the way. Before you open it in your home, it is best to wipe it down a little.

While unpacking the stuff the best practice is to fill your closets first. This will help to keep your place uncluttered and also leave the room to unpack the important stuff. Once done with all the unpacking, there will be a lot of papers, boxes, and used plastic tapes left over.  Instead of throwing it all, you can keep the material that can be reused or sell it.

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