Laundry Rooms aren’t for Mondays anymore!

Laundry Room Design

We don?t know many people who enjoy doing the laundry?..unless they have a drop dead gorgeous laundry room. If that?s not you, here are some ideas to inspire a laundry revolution for that space. Perhaps doing the laundry and waking up Monday?s won?t be so difficult anymore!

Creating a great laundry room means it must be as functional as possible. It doesn?t have to be a large space, but it does need to function. So here are some things to keep in mind when you are planning your new laundry room:

Machines are now styling, colorful and have serious cleaning functions. So consider the following when you are looking for a machine:

  1. What load capacity do you need? If you need to do a king comforter make sure the size will accommodate this.
  2. What features do you need? Be realistic about features you need and use, and remember the most energy efficient machines will save more money over time with heating/ water bills.
  3. How big is the laundry room? Machine size needs to consider the size and other functionality of the space you are creating.
  4. Stackable versus side by side? Most front load machines can be stacked with the purchase of a stacking kit.
  5. Additional storage options? Many machines offer the storage drawer the increases the height of the machine and provides additional storage.

Doors on the front loaders typically open opposite each other?washers open to the left and dryers to the right. So place your washer on the left and your dryer on the right to make it easy to transfer loads.Laundry Room Design

What other uses will the laundry room serve? Some people use it for storage, some for folding and ironing, and some, simply for doing the laundry. What do you need to use this space for, and what are your laundry habits?

Consider adding a wall mounted drop down ironing board and a hanging bar. Now you can do the ironing straight from the dryer or hang items up to help release wrinkles right away. You can also add a flat screen TV to the room so you can watch while you?re ironing! Mount it on the wall, and keep the counter space available for folding.

With front load washers, add a counter top over the machines to give you a folding space. Add a beautiful tile back splash, modern lighting and closed storage, and you have a beautiful, functional room.

Select a style of cabinets the way you would select kitchen cabinets. Standard size cabinets, available at most building centres, are an inexpensive way to add storage to your room.

If you live in a place where you can?t hang laundry, add a retractable clothes line.

Treat your laundry room design the same way you would decorate any other room in your house, and soon you won?t feel the Monday laundry blues.

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