How to Eat a Raw Tomato

Are you a raw tomato lover, or do you fall into the category of those who are happy just making gazpacho and spaghetti sauce with the bounty we seem to have of the reds, yellows, and pinks (remember, confession is good for the soul!). Maybe your problem is just finding the right way to enjoy the raw ones. Here are a few suggestions to try.
  • Slice tomatoes very thinly, cover with balsamic vinaigrette and add a little mild feta cheese.?
  • Pick them when firm and let ripen for two days at room temperature. Eat with only salt and pepper.?
  • Eat a sample right in the garden straight from the vine, with or without salt (my Grandpa?s favorite way).?
  • Cut into quarters and add crumbled blue cheese and garlic parmesan dressing .
  • Sprinkle with olive oil to reduce the acidic flavor?
  • Eat one with a friend.

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