Elai adai


  1. Rice flour – 200 gms

  2. Water – 500 ml

  3. Coconut oil – 30 ml

  4. Banana leaves – 2


  1. Grated coconut -100 gms
  2. Jaggery – 30 gms
  3. Jackfruit jam – 50 gms


Cut banana leaf in 6” round diameter. Heat water with little coconut oil. Slowly add the rice flour stirring continuously to make a batter. Knead the batter well and keep the batter covered with a wet cloth. Heat jaggery with water. When a syrup is made, strain the syrup. To this add the grated coconut and cook for a few minutes till the mixture thickens. Allow the mixture to cool. Add the jackfruit jam to the above mixture and mix well. Take the banana leaf rounds and apply coconut oil, roll out the rice batter as thin as a pancake and place it on the banana leaf, fill it with the above mixture and fold it from one side to make a half-moon shape. Steam the adai for 10 min and serve hot.

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