Eat this, fight diabetes

Eat this, fight diabetes 2
A New Approach to Nutrition for DiabetesAbout 24 million Americans are believed to have diabetes, and nearly 6 million don?t know it. Another 57 Eat this, fight diabetes 3million are thought to have prediabetes, a condition that boosts risks for diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. What quick tricks can you try to avoid prediabetes and the real thing?or help treat either condition? Scientists have hit on three new techniques.
1?Get more vitamin C ? A European study found that people with the most vitamin C in their bodies had the lowest incidence of diabetes, although the link isn?t clear. Fruits and veggies like oranges, strawberries, and broccoli are the best source of C.

2?Sprinkle on the spice?Researchers from the University of Georgia tested 24 common herbs and spices and discovered that their antioxidants could prevent inflammation associated with diabetes. Cloves and cinnamon both got high rankings.

3?Eat some brown rice?A compound that helps the rice grow reduces nerve and blood vessel damage from diabetes, according to Medical College of Georgia experts. Soak the dry rice in water overnight, which awakens the compound.

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