Style: Indian

Type: Konkani Stew

A wonderful Southern Indian vegetable stew in coconut sauce.

A variety of vegetables (but not leafy veggies) such as potato, carrot, french beans, green banana, gourd, drumstick, arvi.
1 heaped cup of fresh grated coconut (frozen will do)
5 green chilies (or per taste).
Zeera (Cumin seeds), Haldi (Turmeric powder) and 1 sprig Karipatta (Curry leaves).
1 cup yoghurt.

Boil earthy veggies such as potato, carrot, green banana and arvi separately from the softer veggies like beans, gourd, etc. so that the veggies do not turn to mush. Drain the veggies retaining about a cup of the vegetable stock.
Grind together the coconut and green chilies with a little water.
Heat some oil (preferably coconut oil), add zeera, karipatta.
Add veggies without any water, stir fry.
Add coconut-chili paste and fry. Add a pinch of haldi.
Add some vegetable stock and cook
Let it cool. Once cooled, add enough beaten yoghurt and stir well. The stew should not be too thick nor too watery.

Enjoy aviyal hot or cold with chapatis or rice.

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