Activity – a plus for depression

Activity - a plus for depression 1

With depression affecting so many people in the community, it is encouraging to hear about treatments that may assist sufferers. One of the more recent therapies being investigated is regular physical activity.

What are the positives?
While regular physical activity is not being proposed as a cure for depression, it is a self-help therapy that may complement other treatments prescribed by a doctor.

Research into this area revealed a moderate reduction in some symptoms associated with depression. While the research is not entirely conclusive, the reported benefits of regular activity for sufferers of depression have included:


  • Better sleep
  • Distraction from low mood
  • A positive effect on the hormones associated with mood
  • A positive impact on the functions of the nervous system

Depression: what is it?
It is important to remember that depression is not simply someone experiencing a bad day. It is an overwhelming emotion or feeling that persists for prolonged periods, which alters that person�s normal day to day functioning.

What kind of physical activity?
Just about any kind of physical activity can be beneficial: but aim for something which you enjoy. This is an important consideration for anyone who is beginning a new activity program. Why? Because choosing the right exercise for you will boost the pleasure offered by participation, thus helping you to remain active and gain additional health benefits.


It is important to remember that starting an activity program may not be easy at the best of times, because it means forming new habits. So, it is wise to be realistic, plan ahead and start slowly, making your physical activity manageable and not a burden.

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