10 Homeopathic Tips to Boost Fertility

10 Homeopathic Tips to Boost Fertility 3

There’s no surefire cure for infertility. But there’s a reason every culture has their own fertility remedies that have been passed down through centuries. Of course, avoiding stress, excess alcohol, and excess caffeine are common fertility tips that every modern woman has probably heard but there are more specific methods that experts in natural healing recommend. Whether you’re trying to get pregnant or just want to feel healthier, these suggestions are surely worth a try.

Drink Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

10 Homeopathic Tips to Boost Fertility 4

According to Wellness Mama, red raspberry leaf is a known fertility herb that is also beneficial during pregnancy. It has a lot of nutrients and it’s high in calcium. Most importantly, it’s a uterine tonic. Uterine tonics are plants that have a toning, strengthening, nourishing effect upon both the tissue and functioning of the female reproductive system. Drink it as a tea or take it in capsule form.

Take Care of Your Liver

10 Homeopathic Tips to Boost Fertility 5

Studies show that the liver may have a direct role in optimum fertility. Dietary amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein, control the function of estrogen receptors in the liver so eat high-quality proteins to keep your liver functioning smoothly.

Avoid Trans Fats Found in Doughnuts, Fries, and Other Fun Food

Potato chips sure are delicious but research from Harvard School of Public Health advises women to avoid all trans fats if you want to get pregnant. Eating trans fats may increase your risk of infertility by as much as 70 percent. Read ingredient labels. Trans fats are usually listed as hydrogenated fat, hardened vegetable fat, or just vegetable fat.

Make Sure Your Partner Eliminates Estrogen From His Diet


According to the Center for Holistic Medicine, estrogen can have a negative effect on the male reproductive tract, semen volume, and sperm count. Your partner should avoid all dairy products as well as other foods like flax, soy, chickpeas, red beans, and black-eyed peas.

Have Lots of Sex

WebMD advises that “Delaying lovemaking — or as some couples say, ”saving up” — isn’t going to boost the chances of pregnancy.” Abstaining from sex for more than five days may adversely affect sperm counts. One study showed that daily intercourse produced the highest pregnancy rate but the results were equally as high for couples who had sex every other day.

Consider Hypnosis


Many may laugh at the thought of hypnosis but they should know that it’s been sanctioned by the American Medical Association. It can treat a range of problems like anxiety, eating disorders, and fertility. It may enhance fertility by aiding in relaxation, especially when stress or anxiety have been a hindrance.

Avoid Skim and Nonfat Dairy Products

Experience Life points out how research suggests that the process of skimming away fat from milk may remove the milk’s female hormones, leaving behind male and sex-neutral hormones. The hormonal imbalance may disrupt the delicate machinery of a woman’s ovulation.

Choose Lubes Wisely

Surprisingly, even natural lubes, like olive oil, could possibly hinder conception. Instead, consider natural oils such as canola, vegetable, baby oil, peanut, or mineral oils. Or try the over-the-counter, sperm-friendly lube called Pre-Seed.

Take Agnus Castus

It’s ironic that agnus-castus is the fruit of the chaste tree but it’s also one of the more famous homeopathic supplements for fertility. It’s used for a variety of women’s issues including helping PMS, treating lumpy breasts, preventing miscarriage, and more.

Take Your Vitamins and Supplements on an Empty Stomach

And take them about a half hour before eating and drinking. Homeopathic pellets, tablets and liquids are highly diluted and very sensitive to many environmental factors like strong aromatic foods like onions, garlic, smoke, coffee and mint. Avoid opening your pill bottle in an environment with strong scents or it may interfere with the remedy’s effectiveness.

Let us know what experiences you’ve had with these or other natural remedies.

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