• curd / yogurt
  • sugar (take equal amount of sugar and chakka i.e for 2 cups chakka, use 2 cups sugar.)
  • saffron
  • cardamom powder,
  • chironjis (charoli),
  • pistas and almonds
  • a pinch of salt

METHOD : Tie the yogurt in a muslin cloth for 6-7 hours and hang it. Or put under some weight. After 6-7 hours, remove it from the cloth and check whether all the water has drained. The result is known as ‘chakka’ for Shrikhand. Mix sugar and a pinch of salt in chakka and pass it through the puran machine to get lump free, nice smooth Shrikhand. Now add chironji, and nuts to this Shrikhand. Dissolve saffron strips in the warm milk. Flavor shrikhand with cardamom powder and saffron

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