Online Shopping 101: Deals and Security

Online Shopping 101: Deals and Security 1

You’ve done it.  Finally, the old 80’s game that you thought was extinct is found.  Found in the depths of eBay, no less.  All you need to do is put in your payment information and, well, pay for it.

But hold that card for just one second.  What if I told you that a VPN can save you some money? Well, that’s exactly what I’m here to tell you.

 So how does a VPN enhance your shopping experience? Simply put, a VPN helps secure your payment and find you the lowest prices of the same item.

1.    Goodbye Price Discrimination

Online shopping is amazing, but it does have its quirks.  One of these quirks is“price discrimination”.  Price discrimination refers to the practice of online retailers charging certain areas more for an item that is cheaper somewhere else.  For example, someone in Canada would need to pay more for an item compared to someone in the U.S. because of currency exchange rates.   

The good news is that this practice is easily avoided by using a VPN.  That Canadian citizen won’t need to pay extra for the same item, he can just use a VPN to use a U.S shopping site.  Simple as that.

2.    Security

Considering that online shopping is such a big part of the internet, I would be surprised if you didn’t scour Amazon’s deals while at the coffee shop.  The only problem with this is that buying something over a public WiFi network isn’t the most secure thing to do.  If anyone wanted, they could intercept your signals and collect your data.

VPN’s strike again!  A VPN’s number one use is for security, and that extends to your shopping as well.

With a VPN, your signals are, in a way,“cloaked.”  This prevents your data being intercepted while on a public network. 

Use a VPN and never worry about your card details being stolen. Win-win for everyone…besides the thief.

3.    Cheaper Transportation

I’m sure some of us know the stress of reserving your seat on a flight.  It’s nerve-wracking and most importantly, expensive. The first time I had to book a flight and saw triple digits, a part of me died.  I still haven’t recovered that part to this day.

Anyways, a VPN can help you here too.  The same rules from point one apply here as well.  Some countries and areas have cheaper airfare than others.  Does it really work? It never hurts to try, especially when this could save you hundreds.

A VPN in has many uses that some aren’t aware about.  Most know about the nice security perks that a VPN offers, but not knowing about the great deals you can find with one is a crime in itself.  Just remember this article the next time you find that good pair of boots on Amazon.  After you get the VPN, feel free to drain your bank account.

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