How to Write Paper Conclusion

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Are you wondering how to write an ideal conclusion of your research or essay paper? We can’t overemphasize the importance of a conclusion in any written project. In every paper you write, the concluding paragraph is the final opportunity you have to convince your readers to agree with your points and remind them of the key ideas. You can’t achieve this if you only enumerate the main points and restate your thesis statement.  prepared a list of the things that make up an effective conclusion.

Conclusion structure: What are the essential elements?

A conclusion must have a structure that conveys a sense of closure and validate the possibilities of the topic. The important elements of the conclusion are the following:

  • Summary of the main points of the text.
  • Your opinion about the major idea of the paper.
  • A final deduction that is based on the ideas in the text.
  • Recommendations about some predictions and future research.
  • How the work is useful for future studies.

These elements become essential when you write lengthy academic papers. For instance, when you write extended analytical essays with complex dissertations or structures. It’s not mandatory to include all the elements we mentioned above when you write a business plan or argumentative essay. These paper types don’t need lengthy conclusions. However, every piece of writing must have an introduction that speaks on the topic and a conclusion that unites all the aforementioned ideas.

Wondering other things you can include in an essay conclusion? Check out these suggestions:

  1. Call for a particular action.
  2. Throw a provocative question to the readers.
  3. Evoke memorable vision.
  4. Add an interesting quote.

Best Strategies for Writing Effective Conclusions

  • Don’t repeat thesis word for word when writing an answer. Instead, rearrange the thesis and retain the key points.
  • Show the connection between the key points of your paper. Select the most important ones from the body paragraph and summarize them.
  • Some essays don’t end with explaining implications. Short papers(below 1100 words) can’t accommodate detailed descriptions of significance. However, this tactic makes essays to convey a bigger picture.
  • An effective essay conclusion needs to demonstrate how important and relevant your arguments are.
  • Avoid using phrases like “in conclusion” or “to sum it up”. They are unnecessary and don’t sound too natural. Your readers will understand when you are ending your arguments and phrases like these may sound irritating to them.
  • Let your conclusion include a positive statement that relates to information in the previous parts of the essay. Don’t introduce new information in conclusion.
  • End the conclusion paragraph with a phrase or word that you’ve used at the beginning of the first paragraph. This helps you to create some link between two important parts of an essay.

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