Both My Personal Home Gyms

Both My Personal Home Gyms 1Home gym in luxury villa house

I might have told you already “My wife is a personal trainer.” Now, that’s a good thing, even when she’s challenging me to go another mile or push harder than I want to or lift another set of unspecified heavy weights – even if they are called ‘free weights’..

With regard to personal home gyms, I am blessed. At last count we have two of them.

My First Personal Home Gym

Yep, there’s one personal home gym in what used to be our master bedroom. It was only logical that if the fitness room with all the equipment was to be effective, the shower should be attached. That’s how my master bedroom went the way of the world. I’m not even complaining, you see, there was no way I was going to lug that dinosaur up twelve steps so my wife could have a view while working out. Well, maybe …I just thought you might like to know, in case it ever threatens to happen to you.

My Second Personal Home Gym

As human nature in a consumer oriented society would have it, it seems that one total body, universal personal home gym is not enough. Anyone can see that there still isn’t adequate equipment for the ‘lats’ and ‘abs’ and ‘quads’. I believe my wife is right, though at my level I still can’t see it.

The second personal home gym came easily enough – at a yard sale. The price was right; the quality was up to speed; the condition sweet and it was painted a pretty turquoise too! For the first week I thought I’d lost the living room too, but my wife took mercy and offered a compromise. Personal Home Gym number two now lives out on the front porch from March through October.

Room For Expansion

I hold little illusion about the possibility for more fitness equipment. I am beginning to think the stuff grows in the back somewhere. Since last spring we’ve added an exercise ball, yoga mat, golf clubs and a racing bike. Indeed life is good! I’m sure glad they aren’t taxing these things yet. Knowing how the IRS works, however, it’s just a matter of time.

What’s Next?

I suggested that my wife take a part time position at one of the local gyms. She can stay up to date on all the new equipment and I can maybe breathe easy for another season.

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