Being A Mom – Taking Care Of Yourself Makes A Better Mom

Being A Mom – Taking Care Of Yourself Makes A Better Mom 1

Being a mom is a 24 hours job. Besides being a mom, you are also a cook, a driver, a sport coach, a teacher, a referee, a doctor . If you are a single mom, you may also be a handyman, painter, gardener, etc.

You do millions of things to accommodate your babies and children. Your family members are important to you but you must take yourself in consideration. You are important to your children so take care of yourself. Taking some time to do what you like is an important part of your mental and physical health.

If mothers are becoming slaves for their family, they will, overtime, accumulate frustration and rancor. So take your place and allow yourself some treats. Don’t always wait to answer all your kids’ requests before you think of your own good.

Parenting styles

Each family manage their own work & family schedule differently depending on their parenting styles. Taking some time for you doesn’t necessarily mean watching TV as soon as the child get to sleep. Trying to diversify your activities will give you more energy than doing the same thing over and over. You could read a book, call some friends, work on a hobby such as painting or knitting. Maybe you can even schedule the moments you will take for yourself during the week and plan daily activities such as gardening or taking a walk, shopping or just go downtown.

Taking care of yourself means that you should take a day off once a week or every 2 weeks. A mother can be effective only if she is rested and in piece of mind. No human being can be on duty 24 hours a day 7 days a week all year long. You need some time off to stay healthy mentally. Take a day off. Share the tasks with your husbands or big kids. Your children will be more happy and responsive if you are rested. If you take the time to do activities you like, you will be more satisfied with your family life and with yourself. You will even notice a boost of energy.

Take a day off from parental tasks once in a while is not a question of selfishness. It is a question of health. It is also important to share this notion with the father. He also needs his moment.

Working mom

When the two parents are working, which is often the case, it is not always an obvious task to take some time off. If you are a working mom, you probably run like a headless chicken to operate your household tasks.You can at least allow yourself some little nice easy treats. Here are some suggestions: Drink your coffee in the most beautiful cup you’ve ever saw. Take a calm, soothing foot bath with the most astonishing foot cream. Buy one or two compact disks of your favorite artists once a week. You can buy yourself the most colorful flowers at the flower shop. If someone ask for gift suggestions, you may suggest an half and hour massage or floating bath. Do yourself some good, that’s the point here. You deserve it.

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